Can You Still Deck the Halls When Trying to Sell?

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So you have decided to list your home during the holidays.  Does that mean you have to be a total Scrooge an forgo putting up any holiday decorations?  No!  You can absolutely still decorate your home to add some extra jolly to the holiday season; you just need to do it in away that wont take away from the appealing features your home already offers. 

 Here are ten simple tips for decorating your home for the holidays that will have buyers saying SOLD instead of Ba-humbug:

1.  Depersonalize Décor-


I know how great it is to pull out the personalized décor that brings back memories of happy holidays past, but just for this year its best to leave them stored away.  Home buyers need to be able to visualize themselves in the home and if there is too much personal items from the current owner it can be very distracting.

Examples of things you may want to keep in the box this year include:

  ~    Stockings and ornaments with names on them

  ~    Religious tokens and symbols such as large nativity scenes or menorahs.

  ~   Framed photos of your children with Santa

  ~   A large display of holiday cards you have received

2.  Go Light on the Interior Décor-


Try your best to be reasonable about the amount of décor you display.  The goal is to display your items tastefully without making the space look cluttered.  I suggest refraining from putting large items out this year, instead opting for small swaps such as changing out every-day linens for holiday linens.

3.  Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, How Best to Display Your Branches?-


There are a couple of considerations to make regarding your Christmas tree.  If you plan to display one, make sure it is appropriately sized for the room.  Trees that are too big or woo wide for the space they are in take up a lot of visual space in the eyes of potential buyers and will make the room look much smaller.  You may even want to consider taking a piece of furniture or two out of the room if able to make the tree appear better fitted for the room.  

Also, If you decide to put a real tree if you decide to put a real tree in your home, make sure you are keeping the area around the tree clean and free of pine needles.  A quick sweep of the broom before your home is shown should do the trick.

4.  Protect Those Gifts-


Its always a good idea to tuck away any presents you may have under your tree during a showing.  Maybe store them at a friend or relatives house for a while, or place them in laundry baskets and stick them in your car during the times the showing is taking place.  This way you don’t need to worry about any potentially sticky fingers or small children that may be attending the showing tampering with the gifts and ruining whatever surprise may lie behind the wrapping paper.

5.  Set the Holiday Mood During Your Showing-


If you have a fireplace, light a cozy and welcoming fire.  Buyers will have an easier time seeing themselves celebrating the holidays in a warm setting during the cold and snowy Michigan weather. 

6.  Scents of the Holidays-


Certain aromas have a way of triggering happy holiday feelings and memories so try baking some cookies just before the showing, or lighting candles with holiday scents like pine, peppermint, or frosted apple to help put buyers in a holly jolly purchasing mood.

7.  Be mindful of Outdoor Holiday Displays-


 I absolutely love Christmas lights, but when it comes to trying to sell your home, there can be too much of a good thing.  Large, colorful holiday displays can take away from the general curb appeal of the home and distract a buyer from some of the things you want them to notice about the outside of your home.  I recommend the following:

  ~  Go light on the amount of lights you are putting up

  ~  Generally, a more classic look of white lights and pine branches is the best way to go

  ~  Try to avoid kitschy items like large inflatables

There is onne exception to this however, if live in a neighborhood that does large extravagant holiday light displays go ahead and decorate in a similar manner as your neighbors on the outside.  This may serve to draw in like-minded buyers who are driving by your home looking at the holiday lights.

8.  Try to Match the Style of Your Décor to the Style of Your Home-


Its always a plus if the interior décor of a home matches the homes unique style.  This same idea goes for holiday décor as well.  If you have a modern home, go for sleek décor with clean lines.  Rustic homes look great with red and black checkered décor, flannel, and pine.  If you need ideas of holiday décor that flows well with your home, think about doing a simple Google or Pinterest search for some awesome unique ideas.

9.  Use Distinctive Colors to Celebrate Specific Religious Holidays-


As mentioned before, its best to keep your home free of décor that is religious tokens or symbols, but that does not mean you have to give up symbolically celebrating your beliefs.  One fun way to do this may be through the use of colors you choose to use for your décor.  Maybe use blues and silvers to represent Hanukah, lots of green and red for Christmas, and perhaps green and red with some black elements for Kwanza.  All of these should pair well with the universal silver and gold of the holiday season as well.

10.  Don’t Forget About the Outdoor Up-Keep-


Buyers don’t want to have to trudge through a bunch of snow to look at your home, and you don’t want to have extra cleanup from wet boots afterwards, so make sure to keep your driveway and walkways free of snow before any showings or open houses you may have . 

Its also a good idea to make sure that all outdoor lights have working bulbs, that trash cans are hidden out of sight, and that driveway is free of additional vehicles.