Traveling for Christmas? Keep You're Home Safe

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The Christmas travel season is upon us!  With many leaving their homes to travel to relatives and friends homes this weekend I thought I would throw together a few reminders of ways to keep your home safe while your gone.

 1. Hold the Mail- 

Its always best to either put a temporary hold on your mail or ask a trusted neighbor to collect you’re mail for you while you are away.  A full mailbox is always the first clue to thieves that you may not be home

2.  Close the Blinds-

It is probably in your best interest to close any blinds and curtains on the main and lower levels of your home to restrict the view of any valuables that may be inside.

3.  Time the Lights-

Placing a few lamps on timers is a simple and economical way to make it appear as if someone is home and moving around the home.

4.  Hold the Presses-

If you have a newspaper regularly delivered to your home, consider contacting the paper and asking them to hold off on delivery until you return.

5.  Get Regular Check-ups-

Ask a trusted neighbor or local friend to give the house a daily once over while you are gone to make sure there are no fliers or boxes by the front door, or anything out of place.

6.  Double Check the Locks-

Do a quick double check of all your windows and doors just before leaving to ensure they are all locked.

7.  Get Techy-

There are lots of easy to install and affordable security options today.  You can find them at any big box store and most have features that allow you to check on your home through apps and webcams.  

8.  Be Careful on Social Media-

Be sure you are mindful of your privacy settings and audience before posting on social media anything that makes it obvious no one is at your home. 

9.  Prevent Power Surges-

You never know when a power surge may happen so its always a good idea to unplug electronics like televisions and computers before you leave the house.

10.  Set HVAC-

Set a programmable thermostat to lower the heat in your home and conserve energy while you are away.

11.  Place Valuables in a Safe-

If you have items of high value like jewelry, cash, or guns that you are leaving behind, consider installing a safe in your home to store them in while you are away.

12.  Protect Your Pipes-

Make sure pipes in vulnerable areas such as attics, basements, and crawlspaces are insulated. In unusually cold weather, set your thermostat at 55 degrees or above. Ask a neighbor or trusted friend to stop by and check on the house and periodically turn on the faucets to ensure the pipes don't freeze.

13.  Spare Key Caution-

Its never a good idea to leave a spare key hidden outside.  Consider getting a small lock box for spare keys or leaving a key with a trusted neighbor. 

14.  Arrange for Plowing-

Make arrangements ahead of time to have your driveway and sidewalks plowed or shoveled in case it snows while you are away.  An un-shoveled driveway with no tire tracks is a dead give away that you are not home.

15.  Lock Your Garage-

Most garage doors have a sliding lock on them.  It is always a good idea to lock your garage door while you are away to protect any valuables inside the garage as well as any entrances from the garage into your home.